Serve Saturday

Serve Saturday is New Song’s monthly church-wide outreach into our community. We represent our heartbeats of Family, Education, and Restoration by showing up and serving with organizations and projects committed to radically loving our city. We will meet at the church, split into teams, and head out to our serve locations!

Show Up for Serve Saturday

Saturday, October 7th
8:15am - 12pm | Pray then Serve
New Song Church

Register for one of our three Serve Saturday opportunities, all starting at 8:15 AM at the church:

FAMILY TEAM: on mission to serve families of the Greater OKC area
EARC - providing adults with developmental disabilities the support they need to lead successful lives

Come ready to help with outdoor cleaning, unloading, and organizing donations!

EDUCATION TEAM: on mission to serve educational hubs in our metro
Capitol Hill Middle School - an inner city school in our metro

Come prepared to paint and serve arounds the grounds of this school!

RESTORATION TEAM: on mission to serve the often overlooked and underserved
No Boundaries International - serving those recovering from trafficking and other types of serious trauma

Come ready to do yard work, clean, and help with service projects!

Ashley Bassoppo-Moyo
Missions & Outreach Pastor

Discipleship: A Place to Dwell

Have you ever thought about where God dwells? Is it in Heaven, or on earth? Must we implore God to come down and meet with us and only meet His presence in passing?

Tonderai Bassoppo-Moyo Associate Pastor

Men's Retreat

Gentleman! We're headed to The Ceder gate in Kingfisher, OK for our yearly Men's Retreat. Get ready for a day that’s designed to equip fathers, brothers, and sons to grow in the Lord, with special guest speaker, Pastor Willie George! Don't miss out on this!

Josh Romano Associate Pastor

Water Baptism

An Outward Reflection of an Inward Confession

Tonderai Bassoppo-Moyo Associate Pastor