Water Baptism

“…when you were baptized, it was
as though you had put on Christ
in the same way you put on new clothes.”

Have you made the decision to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life? Take the next step in your journey of faith by being water baptized. Water Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to follow Christ and make Him the center of your life.

Tonderai Bassoppo-Moyo
Associate Pastor

What is Water Baptism?

Curriculum for Christlikeness

Curriculum for Christlikeness is coming this summer. We will gather together to look through the scriptures and look for practical applications to how we can live out the mandate of practicing the way of Jesus.

Tonderai Bassoppo-Moyo Associate Pastor

MARANATHA: New Song Students Camp '24

We are very excited to partner with Camp W.O.W to host New Song Students summer camp.

Jackson Wilson Executive Students Pastor

Serve Saturday

Serve Saturday is New Song’s monthly church-wide outreach into our community!

Ashley Bassoppo-Moyo Missions & Outreach Pastor