New Song Cares

The member care ministry of New Song Church

Love One Another

New Song Cares is the member care ministry of New Song Church. We believe that Jesus taught us the model of loving one another starts with how we love our brothers and sisters in Christ. When you join New Song, you are a part of our family, and we want you to know we are here to care for you.

Hearts & Hands Initiative

Nominate yourself or someone else for our Heart & Hands Initiative - our community assistance program.

We know sometimes people need more help than their most intimate circles of community may be able to provide. That’s why we have the Heart & Hands Initiative. This is a ministry set up to help members of our church (and at times, others outside the church) with practical physical needs - such as a senior citizen in need of some help getting branches cleared from his yard, or a single mom needing help with home repairs outside of her budget.

Access our nomination form and read more about our nomination process here.

Interested in offering your heart and hands to our Community? Sign up to be a Helper.