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Tonderai Bassoppo-Moyo
Associate Pastor

A Place to Dwell

Have you ever thought about where God dwells? Is it in Heaven, or on earth? Must we implore God to come down and meet with us and only meet His presence in passing? Let us discover that God desires to have a dwelling place with us, as temples of His Holy Spirit. As Scripture says - "And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them." Let's go deeper into His Word as we enter into this four-week Discipleship journey together.

Greater Works

Salvation is our entrance into the Kingdom, but what is beyond that for the rooted believer? Jesus said that for those that believe in Him, they will go on to do greater works than the works of Christ Himself. What does this mean? Maturity in our walk on the Way of Jesus must include embarking on the ministry of good works, the work of the Kingdom. Join this dynamic Discipleship class as we take the mantle of the saints to minister healing here on earth, deliver the freedom of Christ to the captives, and proclaim the way of His Kingdom.

Gifts of the Spirit

There is much confusion regarding the gifts of the Spirit. Some claim they are for all time while others insist they were only for the original apostles. It’s time that we explore the truth in God’s Word and discover what the gifts are and their relevance to our time. This class dives into the different category of gifts, how they function, and how you can use them.

Kingdom Come

Seek first His Kingdom…is it possible that we have missed the depth of this statement and shrouded Kingdom principles, concepts, and laws in worldy constructs? Dive in and explore the meaning of Kingdom and the power, privilege, and purpose that comes with citizenship.

The Life of Jesus

What was it about Jesus’s life that made it so impactful? Join us on this four week journey through through the life of Jesus as we discover the significance of each moment of His ministry and how His time living among men changed everything.

Pillars of Our Faith

So many terms are said in the church - do you really know what they mean? It's time to grow in understanding the Pillars of Our Faith and unfold the meaning of terms like salvation, grace, and mercy.

How to Study the Bible

It’s time to get the tools you need to dig out the meaning of Scripture for yourself - this class lays the groundwork for how to study the Bible and how our personal study is foundational to deepening a relationship with God.