Blocks Conference

Starting blocks used by track and field athletes brace their feet at the start of a race so they don't fall as they stride forward. Blocks also help the sprinters adopt a more efficient starting posture and preload their muscles enabling them to start more powerfully.

As we begin a brand new year, let's start strong to finish strong. Blocks Conference is all about helping you brace your feet, adopt the right heart posture, and preload your spiritual muscles so you can run your race to win. Join us for extended worship and fresh messages from God's Word. The Conference kicks off with a message from Pastor Sarah Blount and continues with Pastors Jelani Lewis and Josh Blount.

Sun—January 3rd

@ 6:30pm

Mon—January 4th

@ 6:30pm

Tue—January 5th

@ 6:30pm

Events are held at New Song Church

3601 S. Broadway, Edmond OK

**Childcare is available by registration only.

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