New Song Outreach answers the call to build our community through the love of Christ as we show up to serve. We know that our city can only be transformed by the love of Christ when the Church is an active part of loving our fellow citizens. Our Outreach Team serves the Greater OKC area, where we believe we are called to be a part of bringing God’s heart in action, word, and deed.


New Song is home to two outreach chapters!

Embrace Grace exists to connect single women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy to a judgment-free community who want to cheer them on and help them be brave.

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Safe Families is a nationwide effort to support children and parents in crisis - a movement all about being the hands and feet to keep families together and children from going into foster care when it can be prevented.

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Serve Saturday

Serve Saturday is New Song’s monthly church-wide outreach into our community. We represent our heartbeats of Family, Education, and Restoration by showing up and serving with organizations and projects committed to radically loving our city.

Each Serve Saturday, adults, Students, and New Song Kids (ages BoomTown and up) split into three teams to show up and serve our community. Come help us follow Christ’s example to be a city on a hill and invest in our community with His love!

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Outreach Groups

Outreach Groups show up and serve in small groups, typically partnering with local organizations in our community or serving a specific demographic (i.e. the homeless). We serve knowing we are called to be a part of bringing God’s heart to our city in action, word, and deed.

While anyone can apply to start an outreach group through New Song, we have three homegrown Outreach Initiatives operating through Outreach Groups:

  1. International Student Outreach, where we become Homes Away from Home from those separated from their families, hosting monthly dinners and showing them the love of Christ.

  2. Business Leader Outreach, where we connect with, show up for, and serve with the business leaders in our city. We desire to see the men and women of our community who believe they are called to serve God through their businesses empowered to walk out what God has called them to do.

  3. Basketball Outreach, where we show up to play basketball with Inner City students once a month, availing both our basketball skills and our hearts.

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