New Song Church Exists To Help People Know God

Many people today know about God, but they don’t know Him in the personal way He can and wants to be known. He feels distant and more like a historical figure than a close friend. At New Song we desire to connect real people with a real God, the real Jesus, and the real Holy Spirit in a way that creates real life change.

We do that by:

Reaching the Lost

We’re praying in the ones who have never said yes to Jesus, the ones who feel hopeless, the ones who only know God through their parents' relationship with Him, the ones who love Jesus but need a miracle in their marriage, the hurting, the broken, the confused. Completely lost or just a little off track, New Song exists to reach the lost in Oklahoma City.

Creating Worshippers

We want to see people move from casual followers of Jesus to people who love Him with every passion of their heart, all the energy of their being, every thought within them, and all their strength. Worship is love expressed, and it’s how we fulfill the great and supreme commandment.

Developing Disciples

We are in the business of developing disciples- people who are daily being transformed into the image of Jesus. Romans 8:29 lets us know that reflecting God’s glory is our God-given destiny and we’re all about helping people do just that. We purpose to present truth found in scriptures and to equip people with the tools to they need to live it out through weekend messages, small groups, and equip classes.

Building the Family

We believe the church is God’s House and we are His family. The New Testament places a significant emphasis on the need for Christians to be accountable to each other for spiritual growth. We are convinced the decision to get planted and join a church family is one of the most beneficial moves someone could ever make.

Every generation is essential to our family. We realize legacy is on the line so our church leads with kids and someday our kids will lead our church. The family unit is under attack, so we’re set on helping husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and sons and daughters build their lives on the solid foundation of God’s Word.

Activating Difference Makers

Jesus said we are to lead by a different model. If we want to be the greatest, then we must live as one called to serve others. We love watching people step into greatness—inspiring them to do the good works that God planned for them to do long ago.

We are called to make a difference in this world. Whether that’s leading a small group, mentoring a student, serving the community in practical ways, or making a child feel special while playing Connect Four with them in New Song Kids—we’re all about activating difference makers and sending them on mission!