H.O.S.T. Starter Kit

  1. Welcome Letter

    New Song's Small Group Leadership Team is excited to welcome you into your role as a New Song small group host! Please click here to read our welcome letter before moving on to Host Guidelines.

  2. Host Guidelines

    Next, we would like to share with you the mission of New Song Small Groups, along with your guidelines as a host. Click here to become familiar with both before moving on to Frequently Asked Questions.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We have provided answers to some FAQs. If you still have any questions, comments or concerns after completing the Starter Kit, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Small Group Coordinator (contact info found in Welcome Letter). Click here before moving on to Childcare Options. 

  4. Childcare Options

    Providing childcare for your small group is not a requirement, but it can be a huge blessing. Click here to learn more before moving on to Communication and Discussion. 

  5. Communication and Discussion

    As a small group host, two of the ways you will lead are by being a good communicator and by being a reliable facilitator of discussion. Click here for some simple tips before moving onto First Meeting Checklist.

  6. First Meeting Checklist

    Approaching that first group meeting can feel a bit overwhelming, so we've provided a checklist of things to do before, during and after the meeting to help assure a smooth and solid start. Click here before moving on to "Why We" Sermon Series. 

  7. "Why We" Sermon Series

    Because the mission of New Song Small Groups is to achieve New Song Church's vision "Help People Know God" by connecting with one another in Kingdom Community and putting New Song Church's 5 values into action together, we think the "Why We" sermon series from fall 2018 is a great study to begin any New Song small group. It is not required, but we do strongly encourage that you and your cohost listen to this series so that as leaders, you have a greater understanding of New Song Small Groups' mission. Click here for further information and resources over this series.

Once you have read all 7 components to the Starter Kit (excluding the link within 7 which is optional), please contact your Small Group Coordinator (contact info found in Welcome Letter) to let him or her know you have done so.

Thank you for your commitment to complete this training and begin your role as a New Song Small Group Host!