Huachinera Medical Mission Trip

One of the biggest struggles in the world is access to healthcare. Alongside Peñasco Christian Fellowship, New Song Missions is answering the call to provide a pop up medical clinic to the remote mountain region of Huachinera, Mexico from September 18-23, 2023. With the opportunity to provide both needed medical care and minister the Gospel of Jesus, we have the opportunity to be His hands and feet. We are inviting all medical professionals and those recognizing a call to be a part of this mission to join us for the Huachinera Medical Mission Interest Meeting on Sunday, January 22nd at 9 AM in the Adult Classroom. That the whole world might know, let's answer His call. Open to ages 18 and up.

Event Details
Huachinera Medical Mission Trip
Sep 18
9:00am to 10:00am

Ashley Bassoppo-Moyo

New Song Answers Pastor