Child Dedication



Child Dedication

Parent and Child Dedication is a ceremony in which parents make a commitment before the Lord to raise their child according to God’s Word and God’s ways (1 Samuel 1:11, 26–28). It offers families an opportunity to join with New Song Church to leverage the best of our combined resources and energy to build strong families and raise Godly children. It is this focus that leads us to Parent and Child Dedication, rather than just baby dedication.

This memorable service offers you an opportunity as a parent to commit with other parents to raising Christ-centered, others-oriented children. It also gives you the opportunity to have a pastor pray for God’s blessings on your child and your family.

Dedication is a celebration that recognizes your child is a gift from God and makes public the church’s commitment to your family and your family’s commitment to the church. It is not a ceremony that brings salvation to your child nor is it a substitute for believers baptism.

Our desire is to create an event that is personal and memorable. For this purpose, we ask you to identify someone (i.e., grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle, or New Song leader) who will represent the body of Christ and hold your baby during the dedication ceremony as the pastor prays over the babies.

Sunday, March 16th will be our next Child dedication.

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